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Module 4 -21 Capacity Development

21.1 Why is capacity development important to municipal managers?
21.2 What is capacity?
21.3 What is capacity development?
21.4 Factors in developing capacity
21.5 Approaching capacity development needs
21.6 Municipal staff capacity
21.7 Instruments for capacity development
Further Guidance

Key Questions:

Why is capacity development important to managers?
What is capacity?
What is capacity development?
How should capacity development be planned for, implemented and managed?

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3 Planning and Organising
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Implementation – Capacity Development

21.5 Approaching capacity development needs

There are a number of ways to approach capacity development, depending on its intended form and delivery mode. Here a stepwise approach is suggested to improve training, including workshops.

The approach is based on a number of sequential steps that form a cycle of assessment within a project or organisational strategy, followed by actions to enhance the resource and finally by assessing the impact and the areas in need of further development. The steps are listed in [Tool 21-1], below.

This approach moves from a one-off “training needs analysis” exercise to an ongoing “skills analysis” – centring the development of people in their tasks and jobs, their organisation or group. Evaluation of need and impact occur at the start and finish of the development cycle.

Did you know?
The average rate of retention when learning something new is:
10 per cent of what we read
20 per cent of what we hear
30 per cent of what we see
50 per cent of what we see and hear
70 per cent of what we say
90 per cent of what we say and do



  S T A R T P A G E  
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  06-Defining Objectives  
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  08-Establishing Principles  
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  10-Establishing Partnership  
  11-Selecting Options  
  12-Financing (Investment)  
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  14-Preparing Business Plans  
  15-Regulating the PPP  
  Module 4 - Implementation  
  16-Tendering & Procurement  
  18-Managing PPPs  
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  21-Capacity Development  
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