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Module 3 - 11 Selecting Options

11.1 What are the objectives of selecting options?
11.2 What are the key processes involved in selecting options?
11.3 Who is involved in selecting options?
11.4 What are the key steps in selecting options?
11.5 What are the key issues involved in selecting options?
11.6 What are the key issues relating to options for pro-poor PPPs?
Further Guidance

Key Processes:

Defining organisational options
Developing a partnership framework
Identifying main PPP options
Feasibility management

Related Tools:

01 Starting Out
02 Strategic Planning
06 Defining Objectives
09 Identifying Partners
12 Financing (investments)
13 Financing (cost recovery)

PPP Development Stage – Selecting Options

11.6 What are the key issues relating to options for pro-poor PPPs?

Whatever organisational and contractual options are selected, all should first be focused at satisfying people’s needs, especially those of the poor. The primary objective of the PPP with respect to the poor is twofold:

  • to expand the service systems in order to increase population coverage; and
  • to provide a better quality and more affordable service.

The option selecting and decision-making process should be inclusive for all stakeholders, including poor consumers, whose interests could be represented by NGOs and CBOs.

A significant part of organisational development, regulatory framework building and human resources improvement should be dedicated to poverty reduction strategies.

Organisational and contractual arrangements for PPPs should be environmentally, socially, institutionally and economically sustainable.

Selecting the right form of PPP should reduce shocks, conflicts, deterioration of the environment and decreasing wealth of livelihoods.


See Table 11-2


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