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Module 3 - 10 Establishing Partnership Processes

10.1 What are the objectives of establishing partnership processes?
10.2 Who is involved in establishing partnership processes?
10.3 What are the key partnership methods?
10.4 What is the key process for pro-poor PPPs?
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09 Identifying Partners
15 Regulating the PPP
16 Tendering and Procurement

PPP Development Stage – Establishing Partnership Processes

10.1 What are the objectives of establishing partnership processes?

Processes help to achieve the goals of a partnership via guiding the partners through prescribed procedures. They establish the ground rules that the public-private partnership will follow to ensure that the objectives and guiding principles are met.

Good processes produce a satisfactory outcome for consumers without unnecessary costs or delays. On top, they also allow flexibility to respond to unforeseen events, without losing track of the original objectives of the PPP. In addition, good processes should assure stakeholders that the partnership arrangement is fair and transparent, reducing the risk of legal or political disruptions later on.

Each PPP actor brings processes to the table that he/she/it uses in every day life. Thus, each partner has to go through the processes used by each of the other players, which he/she/it has often not encountered previously. These existing, already formal processes make partnership building easier. At the same time, new tailored, mutual processes might evolve during the partnership.




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