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Module 3 - 08 Establishing Principles

8.1 Why establish partnership principles?
8.2 What are the key issues?
Further Guidance

Key Questions:


Related Tools:

07 Defining Parameters (scope)
10 Establishing Partnership Processes
13 Financing (cost recovery)

PPP Development Stage – Establishing Principles

Further Guidance

Guidance manual on water supply and sanitation programmes. DFID (1998); LSHTM/WEDC



Tools to Support Participatory Urban Decision Making Process. HABITAT (2001).




  S T A R T P A G E  
  Module 1 - Before PPPs  
  01-Starting Out  
  02-Strategic Planning  
  Module 2 - Preparation Stage  
  03-Planning & Organising  
  04-Collecting Information  
  Module 3 - PPP Development Stage  
  05-Identifying Constraints  
  06-Defining Objectives  
  07-Defing Parameters (Scope)  
  08-Establishing Principles  
  09-Identifying Partners  
  10-Establishing Partnership  
  11-Selecting Options  
  12-Financing (Investment)  
  13-Financing (Cost Recovery)  
  14-Preparing Business Plans  
  15-Regulating the PPP  
  Module 4 - Implementation  
  16-Tendering & Procurement  
  17-Negotiating & Contracting  
  18-Managing PPPs  
  19-Monitoring & Evaluation  
  20-Managing Conflict  
  21-Capacity Development  
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