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Module 3 - 06
Defining Objectives

6.1 Why define PPP objectives?
6.2 What are the key steps to define PPP objectives?
6.3 What are the key issues?
6.4 What are the key issues concerning the poor?
Further Guidance

Key Questions:

What are the municipal service objectives?
How do the objectives of the municipality differ from the objectives of other stakeholders?
Which services are prioritised for immediate discussion?
Do these / how do these relate to poverty reduction objectives?

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PPP Development Stage – Defining Ojectives

6.4 What are the key issues concerning the poor?

Don’t miss out the social objectives

Most importantly, this framework includes for the specific social or livelihood objectives of poor households and individuals, for example: better access to affordable services, less time spent collecting water, fewer water-borne and faecal-borne diseases and access to and security of employment.

Ensure the team has a social bias

In particular, the objectives must spell out what is intended for the poor. To achieve this, it is important that specialists with an interest in the poor or advocates (such as NGO representatives) are in the team actively working on the objectives framework.


The Partnering Process


The process of defining objectives may be carried out with a cross section of stakeholders in meetings, workshops and small focus group discussions. It may also mean consulting a range of municipal stakeholders, as each will have different concerns. Ensuring their interests are represented at the objective stage will aid discussions at a later date.

It is likely that this process will be driven by the individual champion of change. Preparatory discussions will probably culminate in a larger community forum or council meeting where the problems will be outlined in detail and the objectives of various groups then reconciled into a coherent set. It is important to keep the task within the general capacity of the municipality.






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