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Module 3 - 06
Defining Objectives

6.1 Why define PPP objectives?
6.2 What are the key steps to define PPP objectives?
6.3 What are the key issues?
6.4 What are the key issues concerning the poor?
Further Guidance

Key Questions:

What are the municipal service objectives?
How do the objectives of the municipality differ from the objectives of other stakeholders?
Which services are prioritised for immediate discussion?
Do these / how do these relate to poverty reduction objectives?

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PPP Development Stage – Defining Ojectives

6.3 What are the key issues?

Include all objectives

Objectives that can be described in terms of one selected goal, such as “improved efficiency”, provide only a limited description of what can and should be achieved.

A comprehensive approach helps municipalities to determine what is possible and impossible. Many past initiatives have focused really on fulfilling only a few objectives. By stressing the need for increased capital investment and improved efficiency to meet the environmental and physical objectives of service delivery, effort has generally been biased towards economic and financial objectives. Traditional forms of public–private partnerships have prioritised such objectives over the social, political and institutional objectives that are nevertheless equally important aspects of sustainable service delivery.


Diverse and changing objectives

Objectives will occur at various levels, and will be expressed in different terms. They also change over time, and often change as capacity increases. Objectives will also vary across the stakeholder groups: the urban poor (as consumers or informal service providers), municipal administrators and politicians, government representatives, and external agents (such as donors and NGOs). Thus, a certain level of flexibility should be predicted in the PPP. [Tool 19]

There is never just one municipal objective, and it is unlikely that one solution could meet the requirements of all the stakeholders.


Convergence with urban poverty objectives

An important issue will be ensuring service objectives converge with poverty reduction objectives (if these are already defined).


Project value assessment

It is worth pointing out that PPP projects bring about a number of different benefits: economic, social, technical and so on All possible benefits (values) need to be taken into account when considering a project in a certain service area:

  • Financial benefits, via private sector investments;
  • Technical benefits, via influx of new technology and know-how; and
  • Social benefits, via new employment opportunities, better service quality and accessibility and so on.




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