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Module 3 - 06
Defining Objectives

6.1 Why define PPP objectives?
6.2 What are the key steps to define PPP objectives?
6.3 What are the key issues?
6.4 What are the key issues concerning the poor?
Further Guidance

Key Questions:

What are the municipal service objectives?
How do the objectives of the municipality differ from the objectives of other stakeholders?
Which services are prioritised for immediate discussion?
Do these / how do these relate to poverty reduction objectives?

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PPP Development Stage – Defining Ojectives

6.1 Why define PPP objectives?

The definition of PPP objectives is an important step because stakeholders all have very different perspectives of the problems, and of the goals and aspirations of involving the private sector. It is necessary to ensure all those involved have agreed what should be achieved through the PPP.

This stage requires the definition of a framework of objectives particular to the service problems and their causes in the municipality. The framework may relate to one or more services (for example, water supply, sanitation and solid waste services).

This step will ensure that:

  • the different sets of objectives are compatible or, if possible, aligned;
  • objectives are agreed at the outset;
  • unattainable objectives are exposed; and
  • future steps are tailored to meet the objectives.




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