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Module 1 -  02
Strategic Planning

2.1 What are the objectives of strategic planning?
2.2 What are the key steps in strategic planning?
2.3 What are the key issues?
2.4 What are the key issues concerning the poor?
Further Guidance

Key Questions:

Why carry out strategic planning?
What does the strategic planning process entail?
How does strategic planning help to achieve poverty reduction objectives?

Related Tools:

[4] Collecting Information
[6] Defining Objectives
[9] Identifying Partners

Before PPPs – Strategic Planning

2.1 What are the objectives of strategic planning?

Strategic planning helps to ensure that PPPs are formulated in relation to the wider urban management function, with a focus placed on specific goals:

  • to ensure that all options are explored – not just the PPP option – and that the most appropriate option is selected; and
  • to ensure that the PPP is not developed as an isolated entity.

Ensuring that the partnership emerges from a strategic planning process is obvious and par for the course in some contexts, but not all. In some municipalities, strategic planning is neglected in the heat of the moment. Municipal decision-makers may be so keen to solve the problems by delegation that they fail to consider demand for services, service priorities, impacts and implications of their choices on city management and governance.


  S T A R T P A G E  
  Module 1 - Before PPPs  
  01-Starting Out  
  02-Strategic Planning  
  Module 2 - Preparation Stage  
  03-Planning & Organising  
  04-Collecting Information  
  Module 3 - PPP Development Stage  
  05-Identifying Constraints  
  06-Defining Objectives  
  07-Defing Parameters (Scope)  
  08-Establishing Principles  
  09-Identifying Partners  
  10-Establishing Partnership  
  11-Selecting Options  
  12-Financing (Investment)  
  13-Financing (Cost Recovery)  
  14-Preparing Business Plans  
  15-Regulating the PPP  
  Module 4 - Implementation  
  16-Tendering & Procurement  
  17-Negotiating & Contracting  
  18-Managing PPPs  
  19-Monitoring & Evaluation  
  20-Managing Conflict  
  21-Capacity Development  
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