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Module 1 -  01
Starting Out

1.1 Why public-private partnerships?
1.2 What are the key features of successful partnerships?
1.3 What are the major gaps in forming a successful partnership?
Further Guidance - How to use

Key Questions:

How do we get started?

Related Tools:

08 Establishing Principles
09 Identifying Partners
11 Selecting Options
15 Regulating the PPP

Before PPPs

How to use the toolkit?

The toolkit is not intended to be a final account version of how to plan, develop, implement and regulate PPPs.

The vision for the toolkit can be encapsulated in the following keynotes:

  • Synthesis of supply and demand of information;
  • Participatory development:
  • Working document;
  • Composite;
  • Policy and practice;
  • General and specific approaches;
  • Leaving space for future modifications;
  • Modular structure;
  • User friendly;
  • Facility to consult at different stages and for different scale of PPPs

It is intended for the following target audiences (please remember that it is not an exhaustive list, only a guide):

  • Elected members
  • Municipal representatives and officials
  • Government officials
  • Municipal workers
  • Private operators including Small and Mediuls Enterprises
  • Professionals
  • Training institutions
  • Financial institutions
  • Donors
  • NGOs

Attached to the toolkit box, you'll find a road map for the toolkit. You do not have to follow the sequence proposed there – this is only one set. You can enter into the toolkit at any point depending on what stage of PPPs are you in and your interest.

Identify your interests and stages and select the relevant tool. You do not have to read the whole document in the order proposed to get what you want – check in and out.

Do make lots of comments, include papers and other documents in the toolkit – make it really a toolkit. Develop it further.



Further Guidance

  • UNDP (2000) Joint Venture Public-Private Partnerships for Urban Environmental Services. Report on UNDP/PPPUE’s Project Development Facility. PPPUE Working Paper Series Volume II. UNDP: New York.
  • Bennett, E.B. (1998) Public-Private Cooperation in the Delivery of Urban Infrastructure Services (Water and Waste). UNDP/Yale Collaborative Program.

  S T A R T P A G E  
  Module 1 - Before PPPs  
  01-Starting Out  
  02-Strategic Planning  
  Module 2 - Preparation Stage  
  03-Planning & Organising  
  04-Collecting Information  
  Module 3 - PPP Development Stage  
  05-Identifying Constraints  
  06-Defining Objectives  
  07-Defing Parameters (Scope)  
  08-Establishing Principles  
  09-Identifying Partners  
  10-Establishing Partnership  
  11-Selecting Options  
  12-Financing (Investment)  
  13-Financing (Cost Recovery)  
  14-Preparing Business Plans  
  15-Regulating the PPP  
  Module 4 - Implementation  
  16-Tendering & Procurement  
  17-Negotiating & Contracting  
  18-Managing PPPs  
  19-Monitoring & Evaluation  
  20-Managing Conflict  
  21-Capacity Development  
  Contact Information